An Interpretation of Investor Perspective for Investment in Mutual Funds in Bhopal


Prof. (Dr.) Mohit Gangwar
Principal & Professor
Bhabha Engineering Research Institute
Bhopal, M.P., India


Study About Generalisation of Fixed Point Theorem on Partial Metric Space


Lecturer, Ansam Ghazi Nsaif ALBU_Amer
Faculty of Basic Education
University of Wassit, Iraq


Usage Patterns of Blockchain in Healthcare Environment


Padma Joshi
Research Scholar
Department of Computer Science, Bhupal Nobels’ University, Udaipur

Dr Mahipal Singh Deora
Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science, Bhupal Nobels’ University, Udaipur


 Image Forensic and Analytics using Machine Learning


Jasim Mohammed Atiyahc
Ministry of Education.
Slah AL Deen Education, Iraq

Zainab hammoodi noori
Ministry of Education,
Karbala Education Directorate, Iraq

Amanj Shihab Ahmed
KRG-Ministry of Education
Directorate of Education in Garmian/Kifri


An Effectual Analytics on Prediction of Software Defects using Fuzzy and Neural Systems in Machine Learning


Hawraa Aneed Khalaf
Zahra Abbas Lafta
Computer Engineering Software
Islamic Azad university of Isfahan, Iran