SD-Closed Set and its Properties


Lecturer, Ansam Ghazi Nsaif ALBU_Amer
Faculty of Basic Education
University of Wassit, Iraq

Lecturer Dr. Sami Abdullah Abed
University of Diyala
College of Administration and Economics
Department of statistics

Raad Safah Abood AL–Juboory
Ministry of Education / Directorate of Education of Babylon


Government Policies and Foreign Direct Investments in Leather Industry


Dr. Basanti Verma
Assistant Professor
OM Sterling Global University, Hisar, Haryana, India


Facial expression Using Texture Descriptors and Features Extraction


Hussain K. Ibrahim
Computer Science and Information
Technology, Wasit University, Iraq

Sahar Wahab Khadim
Ministry of Education,
Directorate State of Education,
Al-Karkh Second, Iraq

Sundws Mustafa Mohammed
Assistant Lecturer at Sulaimani
Polytechnic University, Technical
College of Health, Anaesthesia



News Treatment Of Environmental Issues In Iraqi Satellite Channels And Its Impact On University Youth


Maytham Falih Hussein
Wasit University - College of Arts



A New Conceptual Framework for E-Learning System Based on Cloud Computing Environments in Iraqi Higher Education Organizations


Ali A. Abdulsaeed
College of Engineering
Waist University, Iraq